End of Life Pet Care

If the decision has been made to use home pet euthanasia services, an appointment can be scheduled at the time of your call. In some cases, you know the time is near, but don’t have an exact date. Dr. Katrina or Rebecca can discuss how to know when the time is right for you and your pet. You can arrange to call back when you think the time is closer. We make every effort possible to fit your family into our schedule, if you can give us 24-hour notice this helps make scheduling a success. At this time we are not offering overnight or emergency services. If you have a pet that is in distress please contact your closest emergency veterinary hospital.

Our Euthanasia Process

Our goal is to make your pets passing as peaceful as possible. Dr. Katrina and Rebecca will come to your home and meet your pet to help put them at ease. The first step is to give your pet a heavy sedative underneath the skin, this injection also has pain medication to ease any discomfort your pet may have. Our goal is to put your pet under general anesthesia. This way the last thing your beloved pet will remember is being surrounded by their loved ones. The sedative usually takes 5-10 minutes to take effect. Once your pet is relaxed and you are ready, we give a final painless injection into the vein, this is another anesthetic and is the closest we can get to your pet passing in their sleep.